Student Spotlight: Sarah Sapia

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Student Spotlight: Sarah Sapia

Chelsea Clark, Reporter

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This weeks student Showcase belongs to senior dance choreographer, Sarah Sapia. Joining the Wesley Chapel Dance Department her freshman year, she entered into a whole new world, never really dancing until that time.

“Honestly, it was kinda just chance,” she said. “I saw it on the roster in eighth grade and was like why not.”

First starting in the dance program was a completely new experience, just like most people who sign up. Sarah had the same fears and doubts; thinking she would look absolutely ridiculous but that’s not how it panned out.

“It ended up amazing. As years passed, it has really helped me to develop over time and I stopped tripping over air.” Being a member of the dance department has improved her life and gives her motivation to stay in school and do well each day.

Watching Sarah dance is close to watching an actual professional dancer. Her passion and grace shows on the stage as well as in the dance room. She has become an inspiration to many of her younger pupils and peers, however she never expected to come as far as she has. “I didn’t think I was a good dancer at all” she admitted, “it’s amazing for me to come this far, I never even expected to really like it.” Sarah described the department as more than just a place to goof off but a place to better yourself by respecting yourself and others. “It’s a safe space” she commented.

Along with Ms. Enyart and Mrs. Andrews, the dance teachers, and her fellow choreographers, Sarah teaches classes with more than thirty students. For this past Showcase, she choreographed the dance Oriental Uno.

“Being a choreographer can be kind of crazy. It involves so much more than the classroom experience; it entails taking time out of your life. It can be really hard and frustrating at times but it’s absolutely worth it because you have this big family that loves and counts on you.”

Sarah takes both modern dance and ballet classes in school. She mentioned that she was more comfortable learning modern dance with Ms. Enyart, but ballet is just important. The classes and styles compliment each other. They’re surprisingly similar. One can learn things in each class that improves technique in ways that you wouldn’t notice if you only took one. Losing technique is also heartbreakingly easy to do, especially during the summer and holiday breaks. To keep that from happening, Sarah focuses on stretching daily. “Once in awhile I’ll get myself off my butt by dancing in the kitchen or doing jetés in Publix” she laughed.

Sarah is inspired by a choreographer named Pina. “Her work is different than anything I’ve ever seen. Many people try to imitate her work but it never equates. She’s truly amazing.”

After graduation, Sarah would like to attend a school for dance, although she’s not quite sure on which one yet. After, she has hopes of opening something similar to a dance store, also working with rehabilitation and yoga.

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