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Poem of the Week

Three years ago I swore I wouldn’t waste no time, no matter the pressure.
Because I realized that life is short and time is precious.
I promised i’d get it by any means, put myself in a position to help my loved one through, but somewhere along the way I got lost and couldn’t find you.
And here I am turning my back on my family to chase a front… for what?
Turning friends into enemies, trading real love for trust.
How could I be so selfish?
Money, clothing and fame, this isn’t what i’m about.
None of this makes me a man.
There isn’t any love out here, the love is back home. But there’s no reason i’m left all alone.
50% of them bitter, 40% doubt, and the other 10% I could barely live without.

But the trust is gone.
It’s been too long since I reached out.
I wonder if they’re still down because I left the Bronx and they’re still devils all around.
No amount of money could bring the love back, just like no amount of strength could flip the hourglass;
take those holes out of your chest and bring you back from the ash. I’m lost bruh, and I know you were too, just give me guidance from your bird’s eye view.
By: Abdiel Natal

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