The Winner is Love

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Its times like this where I begin to doubt God

All the pain and the stress is fallin’ down on my mom

She got cancer

Doctors cant find the answer

It cant be cured

And I cant be sure

That i’ll wake up tomorrow and she will still be so pure

But why her

What did she do to deserve it

She was a great mother good wife people like her are unheard of

So I sit and think about the amazing woman I know

She always pushed me so hard because she wanted me to grow

On my birthday she told me i’m a great son and to never let her go

So I know that whatever she did it was out of love

And I can never imagine not being able to give her a hug

I’m slipping into depression cuz I cant handle the pressure

But I gotta be strong for my brothers I gotta direct em

So now she’s livin day to day

And I think about the sacrifices that were made

The things she did so we could go out and play

She is an amazing mother

To me and my brothers

I just wanna hug her

Never be separated from her

I will always remember that smile that lit up the room

And when I was with her there was good to come soon

She made me happy

She made me strong

So now I write this song

Out of pain out of faith

With tears runnin down my face

But I must pray and put my faith in the man above

Because darkness is the loser

And the winner is love

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