I Want to Rant to Someone

Michelle Perez, Reporter

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i’ve been through so much these past two years, and it won’t go away i want to rant to someone, maybe they’ll make my day
but every time i try, i never know what to say
i always felt so alone

at school, even at home
i kept hoping it’ll get better, but all i could think about is why it was taking so long people at school would see me so happy
because i never wanted people to know i was feeling so crappy
after school i would go home and think for the rest of the day
all i wanted to do was cry and run away
i’d get yelled at for things i never did
i never understood the reason why, i’m just a kid
i barely see my dad
but when i do, he always gets so mad
and when i see him, i feel like i’m always sad
i not only feel this pain at home but at school too
people can be so cruel
i try to tell my parents, vent about those who hurt me
but they always think that i’m over exaggerating
i don’t know why they never believe me, why would i ever make this up?
all i wanted to do was just give up
the thoughts took over my brain
i could never think straight
i lost myself, i was such a mess
i was so stressed, so depressed
i would go to school and get yelled at, then the same at home
all i ever wanted was for this pain to be gone
a year later, it’s still here
and i’m still trying to figure out why no one wanted to hear
it was not only with my family, but my relationship too
it was making me go crazy, i never knew what to do
i could never escape it, i was always in pain
i thought i would never be happy again
i figured out that writing was the only way i could cope
it finally showed me what i was looking for; hope
now i can go home and to school without feeling like i want to explode
but it still gets really hard to handle

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