Special Olympics Opening Speech

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Welcome everyone to the 2017 Special Olympics summer games.  I’m honored to be here today.  I would like to thank our sponsors, coaches, teachers, volunteers, friends and families for coming out to support us today.  Some of you, matter of fact, many of you, do not know that I am a gamer.  But that is not a bad thing because all of us will be gaming really hard today at our events.  As you cyclists pedal around the track, don’t let Donkey Kong’s banana peels slow you down. Instead, pass them along with a red Koopa shell.  Capture all those Pokémon as you kick the soccer balls really hard into the goal. Run Run Run as fast as you can as the gorilla from Temple Run chases you around the track.  Become as angry as a bird in Bocce ball to get your eggs back from the pigs.  Before you compete, why not build yourselves like you do in Minecraft.  As you’re building yourself up, don’t let those creepers explode your rhythm now.  At the end of your events, whether or not you get that golden banana as Donkey Kong does, we shouldn’t start a war of Warcraft. Lets all be good sports and be proud of us all. Now lets have some fun, and let the gaming begin!

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