Spotlight Athlete: Devin Santana C/O 2019

Shamar Ramsey, Reporter

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Devin’s GPA is a 3.2 right now and he still wants to improve it. The college he has his mind set on is Louisiana State University (LSU). He wants to play for their football team and run track. Santana’s dream is to play in the NFL.

Devin Santana is a sophomore at Wesley Chapel High School. He is involved in track, football, and dance.

My first question to Santana was what inspires you? what did your parents do? He responded with, “my dad was in love with weightlifting and my mom ran track, my older sister danced.’’ From Devin explaining this, I can see where he gets his athleticism from.

Getting into his sports: I started with dance. Santana recently had two dance showcases back to back. Santana said,

I mainly go through with dance because it helps me with my footwork for football. My dad told me it would help and it has helped tremendously.”

— Santana

Recently, Santana attended a USA Football Camp in Orlando. He told me, “the camp was very exciting and I learned new things and I communicated with a lot of college coaches.” The colleges he communicated with were: University of Florida, University of Central Florida and Bethune Cookman and Florida Tech. Santana is a Varsity Wide-Receiver for WCHS. The team ended the year with the record: 8-2, in a disappointing playoff loss to River Ridge. Santana is looking forward to next season.

Last but not least, I asked him about track, “I have run track since I was 11 years old, I have improved a lot over the years.” Santana runs the 100, 200, 400, 4×1, and 4×4. He is currently running 11.42 for his 100.

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