2nd Annual Car Show

Brandon Cruz, Reporter

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On Feb. 25th, the car show took place. The car show was backed by Bullfrog Performance. The car show was successful, and everyone had a great time!

The show had 3 categories. Domestic, Import, and Truck. The top 3 winner of each category were given handmade trophies, that consisted of various parts that were recycled from old cars. The weather in the morning was foggy and cold, but within the next hour cars started pouring in as the sunlight broke through the clouds. There were so many rare and wacky cars. Some cars had color shifting paint, and one man spent ten years building his car with his wife. Every car had its own personality, and no two of them were alike.

The nearby sounds could be interpreted as loud, obnoxious and annoying but to car enthusiasts it was music to our ears. Attendees could watch cars test their horsepower on our in-ground Dyno, or could enjoy delightful foods presented to them by Ned’s. The U.S Army Recruiters also showed up with a tent full of games, and other physical activities to entertain others. The event had a great turn out with a profit of over $1,400! The event was amazing, and we hope to have an even better turn out next year. Here are some pictures of  some beautiful cars that showed up:

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