WC Lacrosse

Amber Dilone, Reporter

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Lacrosse is an upcoming sport, slowly becoming more known. In the most recent weeks lacrosse has been added to pasco county’s seasonal sports. For students this has been long overdue. Michelle perez (#13) says she was, “very excited because women’s lacrosse is not very appreciated and does not have a lot of love as other sports do. I think it’s good that there is a change for once. The students here at wesley chapel and at wiregrass have teamed up together to play together at wiregrass high school. Having lacrosse as a school district sport gives many opportunities to players as Sydney Maziarz (#23) states, “The competitiveness makes it very fun to play and having potential to play in college is a great benefit”. Since the season has started, the girls have done a marvelous job. So far they have been undefeated with a record of 6-0 for this year alone. This record was not easily obtained, it took them hard work and dedication to the sport. Almost everyday after school girls would practice for two hours. In that time they go over their plays and practice some techniques. Even though they are from rival schools, the have an unbreakable bond as a team. As Mirielle perez (#12) describes, “I love my teammates they’re like family, they all have helped me become the player I am today and without any of them I think that I wouldn’t be as strong of a player without them helping me get where I am.” As they’re undefeated season continues their bonds grow as well. Also if anyone is interested in the great opportunity of playing lacrosse, the players encourage you to try out next season! They’re next home game will be this thursday at wiregrass.

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