Press Release: Almost Maine

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Wesley Chapel High School Drama Program Presents


Februrary 17, 2017


Almost, Maine

By John Cariani

Production Dates: Thursday, April 20th and Friday, April 21st, 7:00 PM

Opening Night: Thursday, April 20th, 2017

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL- “You’re about as far away as you could possibly be.” Wesley Chapel High School is ecstatic to produce the play “Almost, Maine.” “Almost, Maine” is a play written by John Cariani compromising nine self-contained stories that explore love and loss in a small, mythical town called Almost, Maine. The characters do not interact with each other outside of each of their vignettes.

Ethan Laney to Co-Direct Wesley Chapel High School Premiere of Almost, Maine

Ethan Laney, a senior at WCHS, will be co-directing the play “Almost, Maine.” He has been involved in the drama department at WCHS since his freshman year. He is very excited to produce this play. We asked him if he felt that this was the best play produced at WCHS, his response was: “I’m gonna have to say yes, because it’s the first play that we’ve produced that’s really resonated at the table read. It just feels right.” We also inquired if he was confident that his actors will deliver: “Yes. We have some of the best actors at the school working on the play. You can see as soon as they step into character, everyone feels so authentic.” Finally, we questioned what he felt the audience’s reactions would be. He replied, “Tears. Lots and lots and lots of tears. If we haven’t recreated Niagara Falls at the end, we are doing something wrong.”



Mrs. Blanco as Technical Director for Wesley Chapel High School Premiere of Almost, Maine

Mrs. Blanco is the co-director of the production of “Almost, Maine” at Wesley Chapel High School. She is very excited to produce the play. She thinks it will be the one play that all audiences will want to see. She has helped produce plays in the past at WCHS. She is the head of the tech crews, and we asked her whether she thought the tech crews would deliver or not. “I think that this is the most challenging set we have had to build. So far, I am impressed in my crew. I feel that all of the tech crews are stepping up to the challenge.” We also asked her what she hoped the audience’s reactions would be: “I really hope that people connect with what they’re seeing. I think the script has great potential for people to connect with it emotionally. I hope people laugh, I hope people cry, and I hope people walk away and feel like they have gotten something from the experience.”

Anna Fawkes as Light Crew Lead for Wesley Chapel High School Premiere of Almost, Maine

The Aurora Borealis is a major component of the play “Almost, Maine.” Anna Fawkes, the leader of the light crew, is responsible for bringing the lights of the Aurora Borealis to life onstage. We asked her how she felt about stepping up to the difficult challenge of creating a natural phenomenon onstage: “I’m excited to utilize the resources available to stun the audience. It’s definitely been difficult in the way of recreating such a powerful atmospheric phenomenon. It is going to dazzle the audience. It will tie each story together in a beautiful way.”

Location: Wesley Chapel Performing Arts Center, 30651 Wells Rd, Wesley Chapel, FL 33545

Tickets: Adult: $7, Student: $5, Tickets are sold at the door before the show

Connect with us- Wesley Chapel High School Drama Department Phone Number: 813-794-8772

Director: [email protected]

Co-Director: [email protected]

Thespian Website:

Social Media- Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter: @WCHSThespians







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