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Film Fest

Amber Dilone, Reporter

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Creating films is no easy task; it takes the combination of acting skills, video editing skills and techniques to be able to create a successful film. Over the course of the school year, drama students learn and better themselves and their screenplays. The thespians put together an annual film fest for students to look forward to build something cool. Mr. Gaudet, Mrs. Blanco and Mrs. Bertig went through 60 films and selected the ones most deserving to be shown. Films were submitted from Tv Production, Tech Theater, and the Acting class. Students had from the start of January to March to put together a film. On April 28th, students screenplays were shown and awards were handed out for several categories:

•Best Actor: Ethan Laney “Why I did it”

•Best Actress: Rihanna Brooks “Remember”

•Best Supporting Actor: Ethan Laney “Why i did it”

•Best Supporting Actress: Heather Patten “Same”

•Best Sound Design: Sam Schneidmiller “Extinction”

•Best Costume Design: Ashley Pipolo “Rangers”

•Best Editing: Sam Schneidmiller “Extinction” 

•Best Cinematography: Lucas Campoe “Boy Scouts”

Throughout the festival, original screenplays created by groups of students were played & judged. These are the ones shown:


•”Here comes the bride”

•”Why i did it”

•”Surprise Adoption”


Students including myself were filled with laughter with some of the scenes presented in the films. They were creatively put together and although it may be a 5 minute film, a lot of time and effort were put into them.The purpose of a film is to bring out the creative side of students and build something unique and cool. Every film produced deserved an award, though at the end of the day only 1 film won the best original screenplay, and that was “Surprise Adoption”.

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