Journalism : One of the Greatest Classes Ever

Christian Marquez, Reporter

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Today, I decided to do something out of the entertainment realm. I wanted to reflect on my first year as a part of the Journalism program. I’ve learned a lot and the information may help others who are thinking about being in Journalism make their final decision. So without further ado, let’s get into my year in Journalism.

To begin, let’s start off with, well the beginning. I remember walking into class and wondering why in the name of everything holy I would choose this class. I mean I never saw myself as a writer or reporter, but that changed very quickly. Once we started getting into the whole groove of creating articles and submitting them, it was actually really fun. My first big article was the one about the Comedy Show back in October. That was what really brought me into the sphere of this course.

There was something really satisfying about seeing a link to your article on Twitter or on the front page of the website. It made me feel accomplished. I got to write about my interests and share them with the student body, and they would read it. They cared about the content just as much as I did. Which made me want to keep putting out more and more articles on things our students would actually read.

Now it wasn’t just sitting down and typing up articles all day. It was extensive research some days, and even bookwork. We had more and more to learn about what it takes to be a journalist and it was extremely interesting. You get a lot of information that you find yourself using without even realizing it in your articles! It was a class, but at the same time it was a place to let your creativity and interests flow through the veins and hearts of our student body.

To wrap this up, let’s talk about the teacher. Ms.Passardi is one of those teachers that you never forget. I never really talk in this class, I’m more of a work focused student, but she is fun. She knows how to get people going, and how to put them in their place when they aren’t doing what’s required. She’s truly a great journalism teacher and an amazing person in general, and for those of you going to Cypress Creek, you should definitely take the Journalism class there because she is teaching it! Trust me if writing is your passion, and you’re also looking to have some fun, Journalism is the class to take and Ms.Passardi is the teacher you want teaching it to you!

Honestly, if you’re questioning whether or not this course is right for you; do it. It folds you into how the media sees news and what is truly newsworthy. You gain a lot of knowledge as well as hands on experience with making your own articles and seeing how the student body likes it! Please take this course and I promise you’ll have a great year! Thanks Wildcats, and I’ll see ya soon!

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